Either you want to start a media business or you already have a radio station, we offer you our extensive expertise in building up and optimizing a radio station.
We know exactly what you need, from cable management to working procedures, from setting up a playlist to the audio-visual legislation.

  • We tell you which software and what equipment fit your needs best and also where you can buy them cheaply.

  • We analyze the entire workflow and we provide solutions to optimize every stage and reduce the expenses.

  • We evaluate the editors and tell you who are the best employees and who can’t meet the demands of this profession. And if you need a new editor, we’ll search for the best on the market and recruit him/her for you.

  • We organize training courses (diction, writing, sound editing) for the journalists in your radio station, for you to have nothing but reasons to be proud of your team.

  • We set up procedures and working standards and help you implement them.

  • We do market research, we identify the strenghts and weaknesses of your competitors and we look for solutions to get ahead of them.


We consider ourselves your partners and we’re successful only if you are successful.