Graphics & design

The logo is the very signature of your brand, the first and the most important element that creates your company’s identity in the eyes of the public.

Since it appears on every element of corporate communication, from business cards to product packaging and from the website to letterheads and invoices, having an original and attractive logo is vital.
Moreover: it has to represent you. That’s why we are always preoccupied, before designing a logo, to understand the message you want to send. Only then we let our creativity produce an unique design whose proportions, colors and elements placement are carefully chosen. Your logo.

A logo which we will thereafter use on any promotional or stationery item you could ever need: we design presentation folders and CDs, product catalogs, business cards, letterheads, flyers, leaflets, brochures, merchandising products and packaging.

Visual Identity

Choosing a name and designing a logo are just the first steps of building up a solid brand identity, with a distinct personality, thoroughly imprinted in people’s minds.

The products, services and messages must be delivered within a consistent frame where the logo, the color scheme and the fonts work together creating a clear and coherent visual identity.

We are offering you more than a simple logo: we build up a complex visual system, designed to express all that your brand is and stands for.
The identity manual we make for you will thoroughly define, on scientific grounds, how the elements of this system have to be used on your brand communication.


Your products must look good not only in reality, but also in the advertising materials and in the showcase of your online store.
To achieve this, you need professionally taken and carefully edited photos. That is, exactly how we use to make them.