For a small company, having a full-time network administrator is inefficient. That’s why we suggest you to externalize this job: when a system fails or a software stops working, call us and either we help you remotely, or we immediately come to your office and fix the problem, recover the lost data and so on. At the end of the month, you will see how your expenses dropped.

Does it seem like a good idea to you? Drop us a line at and we promise we’ll take care of your computers.

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Every once on a while, the IT equipments must be replaced.
But why spending thousands of euros buying a gaming-level processor and video card, when the only applications your employees use one a daily basis are Word, Excel and Firefox?
Also, why risking a productivity decline because of a less powerful system than needed?

We analyze the processing power your company needs and suggest the equipment that fit best. Besides, we show you where to find the best  deals.