ON AIR Media Professionals has been founded in 2007, as an audio production company for the radio industry. At that time, we were producing newscasts for Europa FM, but – with an experience of over 15 years in this field – we knew we can offer more to much more people: attractive broadcasts, unbiased news, radio commercials at fair prices, training courses, consulting to those who wanted to build, develop, optimize or even sell a media business.

As our clients also needed more, we diversified our activity: media cannot exist without web media, therefore we focused on developing the online presence of our clients.
Due to our outstanding attention to details, our creativity and our capability of turning the concepts that define the personality of each client into attractive shapes, the web development, graphics, branding and corporate identity services rapidly became the core of our activity, receiving much appreciation from our customers.

We also offer web hosting, IT consulting, network design and administration, maintenance and repair services.

We are professionals, we collaborate with professionals when a project needs help from a different area of expertise and we always try to understand the needs, the desires and the vision of those who work with us, for the purpose of being able to offer the most efficient solutions.

To us, you’re not just a client: you are a partner. Yes, we really believe that. And we’re satisfied only when you are satisfied.




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